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Growing up with a glamorous African-American mother, I developed an appreciation for keeping my hair healthy and looking good. It's a known fact that when you look good, you feel good--and ever since the tender age of eight-years- old my sister and I attended a standing weekly appointment at the beauty salon.  So I understand the struggle and frustration that comes from sweating out your gorgeous mane after every workout. Here are a few tips to help accommodate your fitness regimen along with your opulent mane... 

The Foundation of a Solid Sew-In

Glam Dolls don’t we all love a gorgeous, flowing, beautiful mane? Well, besides the quality of the hair extensions used during the install, another contributing factor to that “slayed to the Gods” hair is the foundation of the sew-in. Like the foundation of a building, organization, or relationship, the foundation of your sew-in is just as vital and necessary to enhance the overall appeal and quality of your install. The foundation is EVERYTHING! Let’s face it, quality hair and quality installs are an investment, and you want to ensure that you are getting your money's worth. Let’s dissect the layers of creating that beautiful sew-in.

Step 1: Hair Care - Prior to your sew-in you or your stylist should wash and deep condition your hair. Coconut oil and Tea Tree Oil are great compliments to your conditioner. Also, massage your scalp and allocate time between your protective styles for your hair and scalp to breath.

Step 2: Quality Braid Down - This step is arguably one of the most important aspects of a sew-in.  A quality braid down contributes to the flatness and visual appeal of the install. Bulky, chaotic braids can lead to a hair mess! There are many different braiding patterns to choose from. The circular or snake method is popular because they usually yield a flat, natural appearing sew-in. Another popular braiding pattern is the train track method, where the tail of each individual braid is incorporated into the next braid. With both the snake and train track methods, the end result should leave only one braid tail left to be sewn down. With other patterns, there may be more than one tail, which is okay, just insure that each tail is securely sewn down flat. The snake and train track method are only two of many patterns a beautician may utilize during an install. Your braid pattern may be affected by the type or style of sew in you request. The combinations are infinite. Also, braiding hair or kenakolon hair can be used with your natural hair to help strengthen your foundation.

Step 3: Weaving Net - This step can limit the tension on your hair and scalp during your install. Reducing the tension can extend the life of your sew-in and most importantly PROTECT YOUR EDGES! We all know how valuable your edges are and how they are not easily replaced once damaged. While sew-ins are typically protective styles, if done incorrectly, they could wreak havoc for the hair in your edges and nape areas.

These are just a few important tips to enhancing your sew-in experience. Make sure that you and your stylist incorporate the methods that are best for your hair! Remember “Happy Weaves=Happy Lives!” Follow me on social media @DHFGlam and @SoFancyWeaveServices for the latest and greatest hair tips.

Happy Weaving GlamDolls!!!

Hope B

Hope B